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Dual Head Seam Welders

In steel manufacturing and sheet processing plants, welding of coil after the coil is a standard practise to continue the continous production line without interuption.
Primarily Dual  Head Seam Welding Machines are popular in this process. Such machines along with attachments like Shear, Hole-punch, Sheet Centering, Notcher etc.. are available to ensure a wide lap welding. We have Mash Welders are also in range for minimum overlap welding to save the  material.

Depending upon the sheet thickness, width and material contents various models from 50 KVA to 350 KVA capacities are available.


Dual Head Seamwelder with Shear


 Dual Head Seam Welder with Shear and Sheet Centering


Dual Head Seam Welder with Hole-punch.

With its expertise in Resistance Welding, trained Staff and Equipments with full-fledged facilities Kriton ensures the work to the full customer's satisfaction. We have our own 700 KVA Power Generator to test high power machines along with all suitable test facilities. We economise on customer's needs and also save precious foreign exchange.